Perseverance and perfection is the motto of ‘Swaranjali’- the instrumental group of L.V.M, comprising of learners from classes VI-XII. Young and extremely exuberant hands passionately play a wide range of musical instruments in the instrumental room of our school, wherein, the boisterous bass sounds bond magically with the soulful string, while vibrant percussion fuses effortlessly with the melody emanating from the wind instruments to produce wonderful rhapsodies, which elevate the heart of the listeners to a state of utter bliss!!

Learners play classical instruments such as Violin, Sitar, Pakhawaj, Tabla, Harmonium and western instruments such as `Electric Guitar, Drums, Octopad, Keyboard and Synthesizer.


Lilawatiites also have the option to learn the nuances of Classical (Bharat-Natyam & Odissi) Folk (Punjabi, Rajasthani,Haryanvi, Garba), Western and Free Style dance forms. In every school function, these students prepare dance items and enthral the audience. The school dance team also has a history of sweeping away all Inter School Competitions with a winning stroke.


Students learn all the basic elements of Art and their media viz, Water Colour, Characoal, Acrylic, pencil sketch etc. Other types taught are Figurative Art, Abstract Art, Perspective Art etc. School students display a deep insight in their works and win hearts at all levels.

Vocal Music:

Students learn the Raagas of Hindustani Classical viz Raag Parichay, Gyan Paddhati etc. Bhajans, Patriotic songs etc. are also taught.


All latest Craft Work is taught to Lilawatiites. Jewellery Design, Flower Pot Decoration, Pot painting and designing, Folk Art, Paper Craft, Wall Hangings, Paper Mache…… the list is endless.