Teachers Training


Workshop  for Teachers

S. No.  Topic 
1 Don’t let career steal your life its causes and prevention
2  Competency bases education module I    – CBSE  
3 Awakened citizen Programme Level one    – CBSE   
4  Common errors committed in Mathematics    – CBSE  
5 Webinar on changing role of teachers.
6 Changing role of teachers 
7  Mathematics Critical & Creative thinking    – CBSE  
8 Qzone and Environment how important its is for us
9 Qzone and EnvironmentVIPNET
10 NEP quiz     –  CBSE
11 Promoting Mental Health
12 Teaching and Learning Styles 
13 Mathematics  – Teaching Strategies 
14  1BM Youth Challenge India – 2020-2021   – CBSE  
15 Biology – Teaching Strategies 
16 Training seminar for teachers on road safety and
environment protection by SAFE
CBSE training of CBSE school teachers on qlabs in collatoration  with c-DAC mimbai Classess IX-XII
17  Hindi Course A (X)   – CBSE  
18 SIAM and Gyan Mandir Public School – Workshop on Traffic Safety 
19 Safe annual connention 2020 connecting indian vista with unproved safety requiremnets and environmental Management .
20 Physics – Teaching Strategies 
21 Parwarish
7 mistakes that children are making during lockdown 
22 Adobe education leaders summit and awards 2020 on Reinventing, education with creativity and innovation
23 Sharp – NGO ”Investing on adolescents girls, second window of opportunity”
24 Unlocking the secrets of Hydrophonics by entry innovations
25  ‘Science is looking, doing , concluding’    – CBSE  
26 Interactive webinar series ‘Sharing thoughts via google class rooms  Books Beyond Borders’
27 SCERT Diksha programme for all teachers of DOE on Diksha
Delhi Portal ‘fabricating audio video asessment’
28 SCERT Regarding special lecture series ‘learning never stops’
(LNS) on NEP-2020 on the various themes of school
education and teacher education 
29 Fit India workshop – CBSE
30  ‘School approach to value education’    – CBSE  
31  ‘Mathematics – Assessment of Mathematics’    – CBSE  
32  ‘Innovative Pedagogy in English – Experiential learing XI-XII’    – CBSE 
33 Heart care foundation of India medical guidance a must during pendemic for teachers
34  Orientation courses on Non-Violent communication    – CBSE  
35 Chemistry Olabs CBSE Practicals Training 
36  Online Faculty Dev programme by the ATAL acdemy AI and Robatics    – CBSE 
37 Free Webinar for education world’s dyslexia day special
38  Webinar on experiential learing     – CBSE    
39 My Govt. Ministry of food processing industries and my Govt. food for all quiz , Immunity quiz,
  dekho apna delhi webinar quiz
40 DOE Launch of codeathon campaign supported by HT and DM of Delhi
41  Webinars on Experiential learning    – CBSE       
42 Sharp Webinar on supporting student’s Mental Heath during covid19
43 Environmental leadership webinar
44 Sharp ‘Understanding hygiene behaviour and behaviour change’ (hand washing and food hygine perspective)
45  Teaching strategies for students with Intellectual Disability   – CBSE   
46 SCERT lecture series ‘learning never shops (cycle-2) on topics related to school deucation
  (you tube link)
47  ‘Teaching Strategies/Methodologies in Business Studies’   – CBSE    
48  ‘Multidisciplinary Projects in school’    – CBSE    
49  ‘Critical and creative thinking in Mathematics’ (Class -6-10)   – CBSE   
50  Biology, ‘ XI-XII Intergration of Arts in Biology’     – CBSE    
51  Teaching Strategies/Methodologies in English Speaking XI and XII     – CBSE   
52  ‘NEP 2020 and its implications to school eduation’   – CBSE    
53  ‘Leading Tansformations’    – CBSE    
54  Webinar on Disability (Divyangita issues)   – CBSE    
55  ‘Innovative Pedagogy in Social Science – Experiential Learing’   – CBSE   
56  ‘Enhancing Practical skills and projects in Chemistry’    – CBSE    
57  ‘Common errors committed in Accountancy’    – CBSE    
58  ‘Teaching Mathematics using technology – joyful Mathematics’   – CBSE   
59  ‘Teaching Strategies OR Methodologies in History’    – CBSE    
60  ‘Common errors committed in Science’   – CBSE    
61  ‘Enhancing Practical Skills and Projects in’ (Political Science)    – CBSE   
62 SHARP ‘Air pollution and covid-19 effects on school teachers’ 
63 DELL ‘Aarambh parents teachers free webinar’
64  ’21st Century Skills’     – CBSE    
65 NISHTHA Courses under Diksha
Curriculum and inclusive class romms
‘Dev. Personal, social qualities for creating a safe and healthy environment’
‘Health and well being in schools’
66 Home based intervention plan for CWSN/CWD’ Samagra Shiksha
67 SHARP ”Swachhta Action plan for pre schools and schools during covid 19”
68 CTF webinar for commerce teachers
Detailed disucusion our latest sample paper on business
studies used by   – CBSE     
69  ‘Teaching and learning styles’    – CBSE    
70  ‘Managing Virtual Classrooms’   – CBSE    
71  ‘Story Telling as Pedagogy’ – CBSE    
72  ‘Pre School Teaching’   – CBSE    
73  ‘Learning from Mistakes’ – CBSE    
74  ‘Teaching strategies in political Science’   – CBSE    
75  ‘Teaching Stategies in Biology’    – CBSE    
76  ‘Hindi Bhasha Shikshan ki Path Yojna’   – CBSE    
77  ‘Teaching Methodologies in Social Science’   – CBSE    
78  ‘Youth , Non comminicable diseases, and the Covid-19 Randemic’
79  ‘My ten favourite Grammer lessons’ Orient blackswan one event
80 (Mathematics) learn maths with an Indian Classied Dancer
81  ‘Managing Change’ – CBSE    
82  ‘Brainstorming techniques for logic and development using triple strings and dictionaries
   in Python’
83 Ethics – Teachers/elders as role models      – CBSE    
84  ‘School Based Assessment’   – CBSE    
85  ‘Setting Outcomes in Teaching -Learning’   – CBSE    
86  ‘Learning Styles’     – CBSE    
87  ‘Magic of gratitude’      – CBSE    
88 Nishtha’ I-VIII HOS school based assessments ‘pedagogy of EVS , Pedagogy of Mathematics’
89  ‘How to learn gratitude to children’    – CBSE    
90  ‘Guided discovery of inter facing CSV files with Python in computer Science’
91  ‘Teaching Strategies in English IX,X’     – CBSE    
92 The TOI ‘Reinvent the classroom’ a web event
93 Earth day Org foot prints for future
94 Awareness cum Orientations  for teachers teaching Information teachnology (skill subject)
95  ‘Strategies of Annual curriculum calender’     – CBSE    
96  ‘Literature in Class Room English Core,’ Class XII     – CBSE    
97 Enhancing Practical Skills and Projects in Science    – CBSE    
98  ‘Assessment of English IX,X MCQ evaluation and competensies’      – CBSE   
99  ‘How to Develop Schools as learning organisations’     – CBSE    
100  ‘Integration of Arts in English XI,XII’      – CBSE    
101  ‘Teaching Strategies in Geography’    – CBSE    
102 Nishtha Pedagogy of Social Science , pedagogy of Languages, pedagogy of Science (Upper Primary)
103 Shared vision of an orgnization (for Principals)    – CBSE    
104 Teaching Strategies in Business Studies      – CBSE    
105 Measuring Life Skills     – CBSE    
106 Weaving Life Skills into the school curriculum    – CBSE    
107  Capacity Building Programme for Principals and teachers on  Financial data Analyst –   CBSE
108 Dealing with misbehaviour in class   –   CBSE
109 On Line Webinar for French Teachers by UNISEC PUBLICATION
110  Assessment Scheme Decoding Board /Periodic Test Papers and Multiple Assessment
  Techniques    -CBSE
111 Assessment of Co-Scholastic Activities     – CBSE    
112 Nishtha’ Online on Diksha (Cycle -V) Hindi or English 
113 Sharp substance abuse among students Awareness and  Management.
114 Stress Management Techniques      – CBSE    
115 Teaching Methodologies in Accountancy      – CBSE    
116 Common Errors in Mathematices     – CBSE    
117  ‘Is your School a learning oranization’  –     CBSE
118 Holistic Education webinar by microsoft 
119 CBSE Practical and Theoratical Assessment -2021
120 Understanding  Anger     – CBSE
121 Medule 13 – School Leadership : Concepts and application
Medule 14- Interactions in School Education
Medule 15- Pre-School Education
122 Student Assessment During Covid-19 ICER
123 SHARP Young and inexperienced drivers safety implication and Risk taking behaviour
124 CBSE Webinar Series on NEP (for Principal)
125 Climate Change Research Institute Teachers Training Programme on Climate Change Survey
126 CBSE Webinar Series on NEP (for Teachers)
127 CBSE Teacher Training Session on ”Weaving Multiple
Intellegince in Pedagogy Assessment of  teaching of Chemistry 
128 SHARP Webinar (School Health Annual Programme)
 ”Developing Road Safety as life skill in students : Emergency and Post Crashcare
129 SHARP ‘Strengthening Preventive Health care services  in Schools  during Covid-19’
130  ‘Employbility Skills’   CBSE Workshop
131 SHARP ‘Women and adolescant health in the of Covid-19’ 
132 Awareness Programme on introduction of  Handicrafts as a skill
module in middle school (from VI onwards )      – CBSE    
133 SHARP ‘Promoting kidney health for adolescents in schools ACP


134  Physical, Education and Community Coaching Programm for all women teachers –   CBSE
135 CBSE Webinar on Cyber Secuity 
136 Awakened Citizen Programme
137 SHARP ‘Advocating for Healthy eyes’
138  Free online Training Programme on ‘Educational Technology and learning in collaboration 
   with google’    – CBSE
139  ‘Restoring positive mental health of adolescents as schools reopen.’
140 Two days CBSE ‘CHITRAM’ onlne Art workshop for teachers
141 CBSE 80
Life Skills, Health and wellbeing
An adolescent-Pear Educations Leadership programme

Ekalavya 3030 by CBSE and CCL IIT Gandhi Nagar

142 Upcoming Nishtha Courses CBSE /65 cycle 2
 Art Integrated Learning
Understanding secondary stage learners 
Health and well being for (9 to 12 )
143 TERI Workshop
To reinforce an understanding of the environment and
sustainable development issues 
144  ‘Fostering Critical and Creative Literacy’     – CBSE
145 Innovative Teaching Mathematics Class I to V  Teachers    – CBSE
146 Learing Style IV -V Teachers  – CBSE
147 Managing Virtual Classes (Class V to VIII)
148 Happy Teachers Creating Happy Spaces (Nursery, Pre-Primary ) Class I and II    – CBSE
149  ‘Teaching  Strategies  in EVS’ for Primary Classes
150 Art Intergration as Pedagogy VI-X All Teachers   – CBSE  
151 Challenges in 21st Century IX-X All Teachers   – CBSE   
152 Teaching strategy in Social Science    – CBSE  
153 One Year Programe in Career and Collage Counselling 
154 Teaching Strategies in English (Secondary Level)   – CBSE  
155 Teaching Strategies in Mathematics (Secondary Level)   – CBSE  
156 Teaching Strategies in Hindi (Secondary Level)   – CBSE  
157 Teaching Strategies in Science (Secondary Level)   – CBSE  
158 Teaching Strategies in Social Science (Secondary Level)   – CBSE  
159 Hindi Bhasha Me Lekhan Tatha Sahitya Srijan   – CBSE  
160 Fostering Critical and Creative Literacy   – CBSE  
161 Pedagogy of Languages    – CBSE  
162 Effective Communication Skills   – CBSE  
163 Adopting Inclusive Practices in Classroom   – CBSE  
164 Salient Features of National Education Policy 2020   – CBSE  
165 Essential Components of a Lesson Plan   – CBSE  
166  ‘Safe and Healthy environments     – CBSE  
167 Cyber Security and Ethics   – CBSE  
168 Initiatives in school Education     – CBSE
169 Addressing Challenges in Post COVID Schooling    – CBSE  
170 Content and Time Management   – CBSE  
171 Importance of Personal Hygiene and Nutrition    – CBSE  
172 Connecting and Communicating with Parents   – CBSE  


04-11-2020 CBSE Pre School Teaching 1 Mrs. Leena
31-10-2020 CBSE Enhancing Practical Skills and Projects in
(Political Science)
1 Mrs. Shikha
31-10-2020 CBSE Common errors committed in Science 1 Mrs. Seema Singhal
29-10-2020 CBSE Teaching Strategies OR Methodologies in History 1 Mrs. Manju Bhardwaj
29-10-2020 CBSE Teaching Mathematics using technology – joufull
1 Mrs. Sunita Agnihotri
29-10-2020 CBSE Common errors committed in Accountancy 1 Mrs. Yashika Gupta
29-10-2020 CBSE Enhancing Practical skills and projects in Chemistry 1 Mrs. Nandini
28-10-2020 CBSE Innovative Pedagogy in Social Science – Experiential
1 Mrs. Ruchi Gupta
26-10-2020 CBSE Leading Tansformations 1 Mrs. Shruti Kurana (Principal)
26-10-2020 CBSE NEP 2020 and its implications to school eduation 1 Mrs. Veena
24-10-2020 CBSE Teaching Strategies/Methodologies in English Speaking
XI and XII
1 Mrs. Jai
23-10-2020 CBSE Biology, XI-XII Intergration of Arts in Biology 1 Mrs. Sarita Singhal
22-10-2020 CBSE Critical and creative thinking in Mathematics (Class -6-10) 1 Mrs. Sandhya Chawla
22-10-2020 CBSE Multidisciplinary Projects in school 1 Mr. R.D. Parashar
21-10-2020 CBSE Teaching Strategies/Methodologies in Business Studies 1 Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma
10-10-2020 Sharp Webinar on supporting student’s Mental Heath
during covid19 : The life of her
1 All Staff Member
08-10-2020 DOE Launch of codethron campaign supported by HT and DM
of delhi
1 Mrs. Damanjeet
Ms Aarti
All Computer Staff
My Govt. Ministry of food processing industries and my
Govt. food for all quiz , Immunity quiz, dekho apna delhi
webinar quiz
06,13-10-2020 CBSE , Webinar on experiential learing 1 All Staff Members
04-10-2020 Free Webinar for education world’s dyslexia day special 1 Mrs. Rikhita
04-10-2020 CBSE Online Faculty Dev programme by the ATAL acdemy
AI and Robatics
1 Mrs. Manisha
Mrs. Aarti
01-10-2020 Chemistry Olabs CBSE 1 Mrs. Nandini
Ms Sidra
CBSE Orientation couses on Non-Violent communication 1 All Staff Members
01-10-2020 Heart care foundation of India medical guidance a must
during pendemic
1 Dr. K.K Aggarwal Mr. Rajender Dutt Parashar
30-09-2020 CBSE Innovative Pedagogy in English – Experiential
learing XI-XII
1 Mrs. Shilpa Lamba
30-09-2020 CBSE Mathematics – Assesmention Mathematics 1 Mrs. Anjali Nayyar
29-09-2020 CBSE School appreach to value education 1 Mrs. Rikhita
Fit India monement action takes report to be submitted in
the last week of every months
1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
Mrs. Kamaljit Kaur
Mrs. Sudha  Jain
28 Sep. to 09 Oct. SCERT Regarding special lecture series learning never stops
(LNS) on NEP-2020 on the various themes of school
education and teacher education
1 All Staff Members
28 Sep. to 05 Oct. SCERT Diksha programme for all teachers of DOE on Diksha
Delhi Portal ‘load titled fabricating andisvideo asessment
1 All Staff Members
28-09-2020 Interactive webinar series sharing thoughts via google class
rooms ‘ Books Beyond Borders’ Reg deadline 25 sept 2020
1 All English teachers
28-09-2020 CBSE Science is looking, doing , concluding 1 Mrs. Monika Pahwa
27-09-2020 Unlocking the secrets of Hydroponics by entry innovations 1 Aroona more
26-09-2020 Sharp – NGO ”Investing on adolescents girls second window
of opportunity
1 Teachers VIII,IX,X
26-09-2020 Adobe education leaders summit and awards 2020 on
Reinventing, education with creativity and innovation
1 Mrs. Vinita
Mrs. Monika
Mrs. Manu
Mrs. Shweta
Ms. Yamini
Mrs. Himanshi
Mrs. Deepali
Ms Tanya
Ms. Varsha
Mrs. Isha
26-09-2020 Parwarish
7 mistakes that children are making during lookdown
1 Mr. Sushant Kalra Mrs. Rikhita
Mrs. Saba Rizvi
Mrs. Kamaljit
Nuresery staff
26-09-2020 Physics 1 Mrs. Manisha
Mrs. Seema Singhal
25-09-2020 Safe annual connention 2020 connecting indian vista with
unproved safety requiremnets and environmental Mgt.
1 Mr. G.K Pandey
25-09-2020 SIAM and Gyan Mandir Public School 1 Mrs. Kavita Goel
Mrs. Geetanjali
Mr. Rajender
25-09-2020 CBSE Hindi Course A (X) 1 Mrs. Sandhya Bansal
25-09-2020 Training seminar for teachers on road safety and
environment protection by SAFE
CBSE training of CBSE school teachers on qlabs in collatoration  with c-DAC mimbai Classess IX-XII
1 Mr. Rajinder
Mrs. Ritika
24-09-2020 Biology 1 Mrs. Sarita Singhal
Mrs. Ritika
22-09-2020 CBSE 1BM Youth Challenge India – 2020-2021 1 Ms. Aarti Bhandari
Mrs. Damanjeet Kaur
21-09-2020 Mathematics 1 Mrs. Sunita Agnihotri
Mrs. S. Chawla
Mrs. Anjali
Mr. C.P. Sharma
14-09-2020 Hindi Diwas Samaroh 2020 hsya kavi sammelan 1 Dr. R.K dabas
kavi arun jemini
kavi chirag jain
ministry of education and my gov.
Mrs. Kavita Sharma
11-09-2020 P.M.S Address on Shileshak Parv 1 P.M. Modi All Staff Members
10-09-2020 NEP quiz CBSE 1 Ministry of education All Staff Members
08-09-2020 Qzone and EnvironmentVIPNET 1 Dr. kripa ram assistant
professor BHU
All science teachers
08-09-2020 Qzone and Environment how important its is for us 1 Dr. Kripa Ram All science and
social science teachers
07-09-2020 CBSE Mathematics Critical & Creative thinking 1 Mrs. Alka Mehta
05-09-2020 Changing role of teachers 1 Papa C.J All Staff Members
05-09-2020 Webinar on changing role of teachers. 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
03-09-2020 CBSE Common errors committed in Mathematics 1 Mrs. Rashmi Seth
2,3-09-2020 Awakened citizen Programme Level one (CBSE) 1 Ms. Salrupa Dutta
Ms. Suparna Niranjan
Mrs. Kamaljit Ms. Vandana
Mrs. Renu, Mrs. Charu
02-09-2020 CBSE Competency bases education module I 1
All Staff Members
01-09-2020 Don’t let career steal your life its causes and prevention 1 Dr. Manisha Yadav Ms. Tanya
Ms. Varsha
Mrs. Manisha Sharma
29-08-2020 National Webinar on sports and yoga for healthy living
during covid -19
1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
28-08-2020 CBSE Assistive technology for inclusion 1 Mrs. Manu Sharma
27-08-2020 CBSE Stress management stress an burnout 1 Mrs. Shalini Jaiswal
CBSE Desgning online assessment 1 All Staff Members
CBSE Experiential learning course 1 All Staff Members
26-08-2020 Transacting career information 1 Mrs. Anjali Nayyar
25-08-2020 Ganga nadi ke rahasya VIPNET 1 Dr. ruchi badola scientist All science and geography teachers
25-08-2020 CBSE Strategies for Happy classrooms 1 Mrs. Ritika
20-08-2020 CBSE Enhancing Practical Skills in Biology 1 Mrs. Sandhya Chawla
18-08-2020 Webinar by ATL mentor improming communication English
and speech arti and ation
1 Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
+All Eng Trs+ATL Teachers
18-08-2020 CBSE Experiential learning – Introduction to experiential
1 Mrs. Simmy Bakshi
11-08-2020 Webinar on understanding the indian summer mousoom
and weather systems
1 SST Teachers
10-08-2020 Workshop on ABACUS and VEDIC mathematics 1 Maths Teachers
08-08-2020 Inaugral Event of RSK (Gandgi Mukt Bhart Campaign ) 1 R.M. Mod All Staff Members
08-08-2020 Teacher’s resource kit (TRK) for ‘The english channel and the
1 Ms. Tanya
Ms. Varsha
28-07-2020 Scientific appoach to river rejivenation – case of
Namami gange VIPNET
1 Mr. Rajiv Ranjan mishra
director general
NMGC, ministry of Jal Shakti Govt. of India
All science and geography teachers
Physical literacy orientation and training programme with
inclusion practice on para lympies and special olympics
1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
21-07-2020 Role of fuctional foods in boosting immunity VIPNET 1 Dr. Jyoti Gokhale , ass. Profesor
Insititute of chemical technology
Science teachers
20,25-07-2020 Physical literacy training programme 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
20-07-2020 CBSE Integration of ICT in baching learning andAssessment 1 Mr. Amit Dutt
20-07-2020 CBSE Initiatives in school education 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
20-07-2020 Initiatives in school education 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
20-07-2020 Quarantine and Isolation 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
14-07-2020 Charactcristics of almaspheric parficles – duplication to
climate and health, VIPNET
1 Science teachers
11-07-2020 One Pho one -Infinity or eternity ‘Reinninting school education 1 Ms. Jyotsno Jayaram Ms. Tanya
Ms. Varsha
10-07-2020 Webinar on post covid chalanges in physical education 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
07-07-2020 New tehnology of climate change VIPNET 1 Science teachers
05-07-2020 Khelo India online evaluation of CBSE training programme 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
29-06-2020 c) Pedagogy of mathematics
27-06-2020 Webinar on art- integrated learning (AIL) in mathematics 1 Ms. Ishita Mikergi Mrs. Rashmi Seth
25,28-06-2020 Webinar on sports specific strength and couditioning
1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
24-06-2020 Webinar on Yoga prinicples to reboost your life 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
23-06-2020 Eartquake, zoom webinar 1
23-06-2020 Green Mensnration 1 Ms. Deepali Bhardwaj Ms. Tanya
Mrs. Rashmi Seth
other IV,V,VI class teachers
23-06-2020 Importance of cyber safety and digital security 1 Mr. Rakshit Tandon All Staff Members
23-06-2020 Microsoft Teams Training 1 Mrs. Neeti All Staff Members
22 to 27-06-2020 An international programme for quality question designing 1 Mr. Mrs. Nandini
Ms. Sidra
20-06-2020 Webinar on smart city – A smart sustainable tonew Niti Aayog. 1 Mr. Padn  Krishnan Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
20-06-2020 Developing social personal quulities and creating safe
and healthy environment
1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
20-06-2020 CBSE Health and well being in school 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
18 to 24-06-2020 One week national level online faculty dev programe on
”The challenges and strategies in teachings and coachings,
phy education.”
1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
18,19-06-2020 CBSE Online Traing Programme for P.E. teachers 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
18-06-2020 a) Pedagogy of environ mental science
18-06-2020 Pedagogy of environmental science CBSE diksha 1 SST teachers
16-06-2020 Webinar on contribution to healthy society by sports
women in the global pandenic 2020
1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
hevers for leading Prof. John Fischeti
Itirating workplace practics  post the covid -19 crisis
Digital and social Media strategies for schools speakers.
Do gold fish realy have a lovger attention spaw than the
students today
Transformative career and life lessons from the pandemic
through the lens of economics
Leading digital learing
15 to 24-06-2020 Aurtrartion virtual master class series +CBSE turming science
fiction into reality in the class room
1 Dr. Mrs. Sangeeta sharma
Mrs. Nandini
Mrs. Kavita Goel
15-06-2020 b) Health and well being in schools
15-06-2020 CBSE Diksha pedagogy of language 1 Mrs Kavita Sharma
Mrs. Sandhya Bansal
15-06-2020 While school approach in fitness session /Khelo India 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
13-06-2020 Webinar on Microsoft Tools 1 LVM Niti Dwivedi All Staff Members
12,13-06-2020 Webinar (International on sports mgt. 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
12-06-2020 Webinar on Gaming module Niti Aayog 1 Mr. Asajal Ali Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
Ms. Nandini
12-06-2020 Parenting Challenges During Covid-19 1 Dr. Rama kumar
Dr. Neeta Bali
Mrs. Kavita Sharma
09-06-2020 Parenting Challenges During covid-19 1 Dr. Rama kumar
Dr. Neeta Bahi
Ms. Tanya
Ms. Varsha
09-06-2020 Parenting Challenges During Covid-19 1 Dr. Rama kumar
Dr. Neeta Bali
Mrs. Rashmi Seth
05,06-06-2020 Ashoka University qvercomming the covid 19 ‘challenges and beyond K-12 virtual conference 1 Dr. Deepak parekh
Mr. Manoj Aheja
Ms. Poridget T.
Mrs. Kavita Sharma
Mrs. Sandhya Bansal
Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
Ms. Sidra
Ms. Tanya
Ms. Varsha
Mrs. Rashmi Seth
05-06-2020 Webinar on chimate change organised by Nehru planetorium 1 Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
+15 students
04,05-06-2020 Webinar on Artificial intelligence 1 Mr. Hemkesh from ramjas
RK Puram
Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
+10 students
1 to 25-06-2020 P.E. and comminity coaching 1 Mr. Kamal Gambhir
30-05-2020 Webinar on Astronomy 1 Mr. Aryan Mishra Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
+10 students
20-05-2020 Value Education COE Delhi West CBSE on diksha platform 1 Dr. Alka Saxena Mrs. Rashmi Seth
13-05-2020 Measuring circumference of Earth Zoom 1 Mrs. Manisha Sharma
11-05-2020 Discussion on zero shadow day zoom 1 Mrs. Manisha Sharma
07-05-2020 CBSE Vidyadaan posted material on Diksha portal for class
VII science
1 Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
+25 students
05-05-2020 CBSE Capacity Building Programme on a schools approach
towards value education
1 Dr. Alka Saxena Mrs. Kavita Sharma
13-04-2020 Python and A I , by stem radio 1 Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
+25 students
19-02-2020 Orientation Programme on Clean liners of River Yamuna
for Eco Club micharges by SCERT
1 Mrs. Kavita Goel,
MRs. Geetanjali
15-01-2020 Safety Riding Training conducted by Honda Motorcycle
and scooter India Pvt. Ltd.
1 Mr. Manpreet Singh Mrs. Madhu Sharam,
Mrs. Nikita Jawa
14-01-2020 CBSE Annual Training cum orientation programmes for
principals and teachers on examination
1 Mrs Amita Makkar Mrs. Shruti Khurana
11-01-2020 Programme schedule for examination and evaluation
traininge 2020 ‘Annual training cum orientation
programme’ for Board Examination 2020 at Hansraj
Model School, Punjabi Bagh
Mrs. Neelu
23-12-2019 CBSE , COE , Delhi Capacity Building Programme on
‘Secondary School Assessment’ at CBSE , COE , Patpargang
1 Mr. C.P
18,19,20-12-2019 CBSE Art Education summit to be held at Indira Gandi
National Centre for Arts, New Delhi Exposure in to the demain of Art integrated pedagogy and converging class room teaching with resource like museums, Art gallaries and monuments, ets
Mr. Amit Dutt
14-12-2019 Khelo India Program in Collaboration with CBSE at
Mount abu, Rohini
1 Mrs. Renu Kataria
12,13-12-2019 CBSE Capacity Building Programme for chemistry XII at DAV
Public School Ashok Vihar , Phase IV
Mrs. Nandini Mazumder
10-12-2019 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Hotel
The Suryas organised by KIPS
1 Mrs. Gurdeep Kaur Ms. Aarti Bhandari,
Mrs Bharti Bhatia
10-12-2019 CBSE and Sports Anthorcty of India Khelo India Program at
New Era , Maya Puri
Mrs. Kamaljit
06-12-2019 Organised by Eurhens learing at Eros hotel  , Nehru Place
‘Learning that makes sense in the 21st century
1 Ms. Anupama Bakshi,
Ms Simmy,
Shri vardan
Mrs. Devender
30-11-2019 Forcium of Public Schools changes in class X mathematics
syallabus changes and assessment pattern changes at
Yuva Shakti Model School Sector 3, Rohini
1 Ms. Amita Sharma Principal
SD Public School
Mr. C.P
22-11-2019 CBSE A ond day Capacity Building Programme for wellness
teachers 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at CBSE, Rouse Avenue
1 Dr. Rakesh Garg,
Dr. Maneesh Singhal,
Dr. Aniket dove ,
Dr. Rahul Mehra
Mrs. Rikhita Khurana
20-11-2019 CBSE Education Transformation workshop for privicipals in
collaboration with microsoft
1 Mr. R.P. Singh Joint Secterary ,
Deptt.of skill educaton CBSE
Mrs. Sushma Khurana
19,20-11-2019 CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Joyful teaching and
learning for mthematics
1 Ishita Mukerjee , Rashmi Kathuria Mrs. Alka Mehta ,Mrs. Shalu Walia
15-11-2019 Assistive Technology by UK Govt. ‘for a person with
disability Cannaught Hotel , CP
1 Mr. Neil Beek Mrs. Rikhita
15-11-2019 Training of trainers on Assistive technologies at
Cannought Royals, C.P
1 Mr. Neil Beek expert from
UK National Star Collage
Mrs. Rikhita Khurana
15-11-2019 CBSE Workshop on khelo inida 8:30 to 4:30 p.m. at
Gyan Mandir Public School Naraina Vihar
1 Mr. Ravi Raj Mr. Kamal
24-10-2019 DOE School Road Safety Awarennces Campaign 2019-20 1 Shri Amulya Pathaik IPS
Committee of Polic
Mrs. Rajinder
23-10-2019 Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. Workshop on Art of being a brilliant
teacher and Art of being abrilliant primary teacher
1 Ms. Andy Cope Mrs. Vinita , Mrs. Saba Rizbi
22-10-2019 CBSE One Day Teacher’s Training Program on Innovative
Pathshala at GD Salwan Public, Old Rajinder Nagar.
1 Shri Aurbindo Mrs. Neha Manocha
21,22-10-2019 CBSE Training programme for CBSE Teachers Teaching XI XII
at CBSE , 6th floor rouse avenue
1 Mrs. Aparna Pandey.
Dr. Usha Aanual ,
Mr. S.V Singh,
Dr. Azka Kamit
Mr. H.P Singh
05-10-2019 Exhibation on ‘Superbugs’ the end of Antibiotics  in collaboration with Science Museum group London into 7 p.m. 1 Dr. Arti Kapil , Prof. AIIMS Delhi Mrs. Sarita Singhal, Mr. Rajender
03-10-2019 Bricsmath.com,  An International online competitions in
mathematics for grades 1-12 official presentation at
russian centre of Science and culture, at 1:00 pm
1 Ksenia maretina Ms Preeti Sharma
28-09-2019 Train to transform on story telling activities by
Oxford University Press
1 Mala Palani Ms Poonam , Ms Tanya
28-09-2019 Capacity Building Programme for ‘Gender sensitivity at
(CBSE) Delhi Heritage School , Rohini
Ms. Shilpi Seth
Mr. Ashok
25-09-2019 Critical Thinking in the English language classroom
organised by Oxford university  press orford teach webinar online .
1 Dr. Sabina pillai Ms. Tanya Sareen ,
Ms. Poonam Kapoor
24-09-2019 Action committee unaided recognised pvt.
Schools Artificial intelligence workshop
1 Prof. MM Pant, Mr. Shashi
dhar bhatt
Ms Aarti Bhandari
07-09-2019 CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Happy Classroom 1 Mrs. Manisha Sharma Mrs. Simmy Bakshi
Mrs. Sandhya Chawla
29,30-08-2019 Capacity Building Programme for Business Studies 2 Mr. Jain
Mrs. Jyoti Nagnath
Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma
28,29-08-2019 CBSE Capacity Building Programme for Accountancy 2 Mr. Gourav Walia
Mr. S.K  Sharawat
Mrs Shruti Khurana
05-08-2019 Centre of Excellence (CBSE) Master Trainers on Happy Classroom 1 Dr. Smita Desai
Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Mrs. Rikhita
24-07-2019 Oxford University Press Focus group session on stem Readers. 1 Ms. Vinita Sareen Mrs. Vineeta Bhargava
20-07-2019 Free Pythan Training 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. 1 Mr. Gurmeet Singh Mrs. Damanjeet Kaur
12-07-2019 CBSE Training Programme on Information Technology 1 Mr. Komal Arora
Ms. Prajjakta
Ms. Liza Puri
Ms. Aarti Bhandari
28-06-2019 Workshop on POCSO Act by Extra Marks 1 Ms. Sujata Ms. Shikha Gupta, Mamta Sharma,
S. Bansal, Shalini Jaiswal, Himanshi,
Tanu, Shweta Bansal, Nitika Berry,Aarushi, Shivani Aggarwal,
Latika Bajaj, Prachi, Shruti Narang,
Geeta Mullick, Palak, Kanika, Payal,
Srishti, Shweta Chawla, Kanika,
Upasana, Rajni, Ritika, Aksa,
Mamta, Mehak, Vaishali, Sonali,
Amit Dutt, Rikhita, kamal ,
Kamaljit, Sadhna Andley, Anju Sarpal,
Anju Gambhir, Ashok Sharma,
Renu, Yashika, Aditi, Ritika,
Preeti Sharma (Lib),
Preeti Sharma(Maths), Sonia,
Shalini Singh, Tanya, Saba,
Neha Kwatra, Nikita Jawa,
Prakriti, Pinkey, Shaefali Bhatia
10,11-5-2019 For Class IX Level -3 2 Mrs. Poonak Kalra
Mrs. Ruchi Garg
Mrs. Agnihotri
Mrs. Kavit Rani
Mrs. Rikhita
04-05-2019 Workshop on Inchsion of Art Education 1 Dr. Pratibha Kohli Mrs. Sarita Singhal
26,27-03-2019 CBSE Avakened Citizen Programme Training of Teachers for
Level 1/ Class -7 of ACP
2 Ms. Ruchi
Ms. Anjana
Mrs. Alka Mehta,
Mrs. Pinkey Aggarwal


Workshop  for Teachers 
Date Topic No. of
Resource Person Attended by
14,15-03-2019 CBSE Capacity Building Programme for English Class XII 2 Mrs. Jai Chiller
22-02-19 ICTRC
In the Topic Managing Behaviour Problame in Adolesconts ”New Challenges”
1 Mr. Ravindra Mrs. Rikhita Khurana
03-02-19 Pulse Polio immunisation Programme 1
01-02-19 Microsoft Workshop Computer Se Karo, Computer Se Badho 1 Mr. Dhruv IX,XI Students and Teachers Ms. Aarti
18-12-18 Orange Education Pvt. Ltd. Mind Map learning Teachniques and  Audio  Visual  by Stem Olympiad 1 Mr. Sandeep Khosla Mrs. Sunita Agnihotri
Mrs Sandhya Chawla
18-12-18 Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. Special Meeting of Scholastic, Reading Ambasadors (Information Session) 1 Ms. Premindar Langer Mrs. Poonam Kapoor
05-12-18 Awareness & Training Programme on waste Mgt. with Bulk Waste Generator 1 Mr. Vinit Sharma + Cleaning Staff
Bharti Bhatia, Ritika,
Namrata , Rikhita
01-12-18 Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. Invitation for workshop on latest techniques and teaching methods on ”Early Childhood Learning” 1 Ms. Satinder Kaur Mrs. Manu Sharma
01-12-18 Empowering Maths Learing by Ratna Sagar Pvt. Ltd 1 Ms. Aditi Singhal Mrs. Shalu Walia
CBSE, Capacity Building Program in Accountancy 2 Mr. Gaurav Paliya Mrs. Yashika Gupta
30-11-18 Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Art Camp on the theme ”Empowering Persons with Disabilities and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality” 1 Ms. Poonam Danda Mr. Amit Dutt
30-11-18 Oxford University Press Train to Transform Workshop on
We are the world sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S)
Ms. Anahita Lee Ms. Tanya Sareen
28-11-18 Training of Fire and Disaster Safety 1 Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma Teachers Teaching Class IX – XII
27-11-18 Training of Fire and Disaster Safety 1 Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma Teachers Teaching Class VI-VIII
26-11-18 Training of Fire and Disaster Safety 1 Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma Teachers Teaching Class I-V
26-11-18 Training of Fire and Disaster Safety 1 Mr. Ashok Sharma, Fire Safety  Incharge at AIIMS Mrs. Shruti
MRs. Sangeeta Sharma
Mrs. Ruchi
Mrs. Renu
Mr. Kamal
Mr. Ashok
Mrs. Kamaljit Kaur
Mrs. Tanu Gupta
Mrs. Manu Sharma
Mrs. Dikshit
Mrs. Devender
Mrs. Sudha Jain
Mr. Vinod
Mr. Narender
Mr. H.P Singh
Mr. Amit
Mrs. Rashimi Seth
Mr. Vineet
Class IV Employes
26-11-18 MR Training data collection Zone VII Pramod Kumar DDE Zone VII Mrs. Ruchika
24-11-18 Awakened Citizen Programme Refresher Training for Trained Teachers 1 Swami Shantat Nanda
Secretary , P.K. Mission
Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
19-11-18 The times NIE Teacher’s Knowledge meet 2018
Interachive Session with experts on issues related to the ”Role of Educators in Modern Era”
1 Mr. Anmol Arora (MD Shemrock)
Ms. Poonam Singh (Asstt. Editor)
Mrs. Rashmi Seth
17-11-18 Comprehensive data collection Zone-VII Pramod Kumar DDE Zone VII Mrs. Ruchika
16 to 26-
SCERT Workshop on Elimination of Corporal Punishment in Schools Online Ms. Seema Singhal
Ms. Sidra
Ms. Ritika
Ms. S. Chawla
Ms. S. Dhar
Ms. Veena
Ms. K. Goel
Ms. Monica Pahwa
16,17-11-2018 CBSE Capicity Building Program on English Class XII 2 ITL Coordinator Mrs. Shilpa Lamba
25,26-10-2018 Maths X CBSE ‘Capacity Building Programme ‘ 2 Mr. Neeraj Saxena
Mr. Kartikey Bhardwaj
Mrs. Rashmi Sharma
25-10-18 Python Workshop XI, XII 1 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Ms. Aarti Bhandari
23,24-10-2018 CBSE ‘Capacity Building Programme’ History XII 2 Ms. Rashmi Dash Mrs. Manju Sharma
16-10-18 SCERT organizd a workshop on Capacity building program on Elimination of Corporal Punishment in Schools 1 Ms. Sunita Kaushik Director
Mrs. Sushma Khurana
27-09-18 Hindi Workshop organised by Madhuban educational Books 1 Ms. Bharti Anand Mrs. Mittal
27-09-18 Physical Education Teacher Workshop 1 Mr. V.K. Sharma Mr. Kamal
Mrs. Kamaljeet
19-09-18 Launch of School Road Safety Awareness Compaign 2018-19 1 Shri. Amulya Patnaik
Commissioner of Police
Dr. Erish Sehgal (DCP Traffic)
Mr. Rajender Dutt Parashar
14-09-18 Hindi Diwas Function organised by Madhuban Education Books f’k{kd lEeku 1 Dr. Pradeep Jain
Shri. Leeladhar Mandloi
Mrs. Mittal
Mrs. S. Bansal
25-08-18 Madhuban Educational Books organises Hindi Language teaching Workshop ‘Latest developments in the research in language education’ 1 Mrs. Rama Gupta
Mrs. Bhart Anand
Mrs. Preeti Gupta
Mrs. Kavita Sharma
18-08-18 Art Teacher Meet-2018 Conducted by DOMS India Ltd. 10 AM to 1:30 PM 1 Ms. Kiran Malhotra Mr. Amit Dutt
13,14-08-2018 CBSE Capacity Building (Workshop) Programme for
Political Science Class XII
1 Mr. Santosh Vyas Mrs. Shikha Gupta
08-08-18 Capacity Building Programme on (SCERT) ‘Substance Abuse’ 1 Dr. Dhawan
Dr. Rakesh
Mrs. Rikhita
02-08-18 Work shop on Road Safety Transport Incharge Coordinators 1 Mr. Sunil Chinkara
Mr. Chandran
Mr. Vikram Singh Rathore
Mr. Khatri
28-07-18 World Environment Day on Beat Plastic Pollythene Rising India Shining India Yamuna -Elixir lfie (Save Yamuna Project) 1 Visit Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
Mr. Ritika
25-07-18 School Raoad Safety Awareners Compaign 2018-19 1 Mr. Rahul From CSIR Mr. Narender Kumar
13-07-18 CBSE Capacity building programme on RAS Class X organisedby CBSE centre of excellence 1 Ms. Ranjana Grover Mr. C.P
07-07-18 Professional enrichment programme on recent changes in accountancy (organized by Sultan Chand & Sons) 1 Dr. G.S. Grewal
Mr. R.K. Khosla
Mrs. Yashika
30-06-18 School Safety and Security 1 Mrs. Kavita Goel New Appointed Teachers
30-06-18 5 Acts (JJ Act, POCSO Act, RTE, CLPRA, LCPS) 1 Mrs. Shikha
Mrs. Rikhita
All LVM Teachers
30-06-18 Extramarks (Mathematics Workshop) 1 Mathematics Teachers
27-06-18 Python Workshop 1 Mr. Mukesh Mr. Damanjeet Kaur
Ms. Aarti Bhandari
19,20-05-2018 Python Wokshop on objectives of education ministry on the curriculum . The technology infrastructure and how leadership and policy facilitate attaining edutional goals In Association with D.U 2 Prof. Naveen Kumar
Mr. Naveen Gupta
Mr. Damanjeet Kaur
Ms. Aarti Bhandari
10,11-05-2018 Workshop on conduction of Youth Parliament in Schools 2 Mr. Rajan from Ministry of
Patliamentary affars
Mrs Veena Taneja
Mr. H.P Singh
04-05-18 Forum of Public Schools Invitation for annual conference 2018 Main Theme Transforming India: Inspire, Innovate, Intergrate 1 Dr. G.C Tripathi, Academic B.L
Inotitute of Director Indology
Mr. Yuri Afanaseiv VN Resident
Coordinator and UNDP Resident
Representative in India
Ms. Aarti
Mrs. Ruchi
Mrs. Sandhya Bansal
24-04-18 Road safety week participation by Action committee,
Unaided recognised Private Schools (Regd.) For sensitizing the schools on road safety practices for children as well as their school buses.
1 Mr.  Abhay Damle Jr. Secretary
Ministry of Road Transport and
highway Court of India
Mr. Rajender
Mr. B.S. Khatri
27,28-03-2018 The Awakened Citizen programm  classes 6/7 Teachers Training Workshop 2 Ms. Swapna Chaterjee Mrs. Preeti Sharma (Librarian)
Mrs. Preeti Sharma ( Maths)
17-02-18 Delhi Traffic Police : Interaction Session fro Road Safety Coordinator at 9:00 A.M.Seminar Hall IIT Hauzkhas 1 Mr. Depender Pathak Special
commissioner and Police (Traffic)
Mr. Rajender
10-01-18 Marters Trainers Workshop for school Development orgainised by Expressions India Moolchand Medicity 1 Jitendra Nagpal Mrs. Rikhita
22-12-17 1st National Summit on Child safety, protection and mental health in schools, at moolchand medicity, orgainised by expressions India Moolchan Medicity 1 Dr. Pooja Jatley Mrs. Rikhita
21-12-17 NIE Principals Meet (Seminar Giving education a new dimenaiser  Kingdom of Dreams Gurugram 1 Dr. Gupta Mrs. Sarita Singhal
16-12-17 Macmillan (Hup,Ship and Jump) Queen Mary’s School Rohini 1 Mrs. Jaishree Sethi Mrs. Rachna
Mrs. Nidhi
16-12-17 Action Committee Unaided Recognized Private Schools,India Annual Conference at 9:00 A.M. on ‘Automony and Quaility Synonymons’, India Habitat Centre, lodhi Road. 1 Prof (Dr.) Vikram Dutt
Educationist and Corporate
Executive .
Mrs. Sushma Khurana
Mrs. Nandini
Mrs. Kavita Goel
Teacher’s Training Workshop on ‘Handling Gifted Children in classroom’ Cluster Innovation Centre University of Delhi 3-6 PM 3 Dr. Jyoti Sharma Ms. Aarti
Ms. Sidra
Mrs. Manu Sharma
Ms. Dikshit Kaur
18-11-17 Mind Mingle Inspirational Wrokshop to boost the educator in every teacher and holistic teaching and learning Eros Hotel new Delhi. 1 S. Gopalan Amy Shelfield Mrs. Shilpa Lamba
26-10-17 Physics show by IAPT 1 Prof. Anant Krishana Murty Mrs. Manisha Sharma
Mrs. Seema Singhal
25-10-17 Physics Workshop Basic Concepts in Physics – Theory and Practical 1 Prof. Vijay Singh
Prof. Ravi Bhattcharjee
Mrs. Manisha Sharma
23-09-17 Action Committee Unaided Recognized Private Schools, Workshop on ‘Safe Schools’ 1 Brig. B.K Khanna
Dr. S.K. Bhattacharya
Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma
15-09-17 School Road Safety Awareness Campaign 2017-18 at 9:30 Hrs. Organized by Delhi Traffic Police 1 Mr. Amulya Patnaik
(Commissioner of Police)
Mr. Rajinder Dutt
07-09-17 Capacity Building Programme on Remodelled Assessment Structure Class X by CBSE 1 Mrs. Shweta Singh
Mr A.H. Ahmed
Mrs. Shruti Khurana
01-09-17 Training Programme for Creating Awareness for Prevention and control of Dengue, Chikunguniya, Malaria and Swine Flu 1 Mr. Arvind Kejriwal CM
Mr. Manish Sisodia Dep-CM
Mr. Ashok
Mrs Renu
25,26-08-2017 Capacity Building Programme in Business Studies Class XII by CBSE 2 Mrs. Sanjukta Mukerji
Mrs Shivani
Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma
20-04-17  ‘Guidance based School Education The Emerging Concept’ By ICTRC 1 Dr. V. S. Ravindran Mrs. Rikhita
Mrs. Saba Rizvi
22-08-17 Teacher Capacity Workshop ‘Karo Sambhav School Programme in association with ‘Karo Sambhav’ an e-waste Producer Responsibility org for managing e-waste 1 Mrs. Swati Ganguly Mrs. Charu Adlakha
Mrs. Kavita Goel
18,19-04-2017 CBSE Capacity Building Programme on ‘Inclusion and Inclusive Stategy’ by CBSE 2 Ms. Usha Anand
Ms. Geetanjali Kumar
Ms. Sidra Ahmed
17,18-08-2017 Capacity Building Programme for Prospective resource persons in Accountancy Class XII  by CBSE 2 Mr. Sherawat
Mr. Gourav
Mrs. Shruti Khurana
24,25-03-2017 The Awakaned Citizen programme Training Workshop for Year. 2 Mrs. Pooja Chakarvorty Mrs. Rashmi Seth
Ms. Ritika
05-08-17 Language Symposium for Celebrating the contribution and role of the language teacher 1 Mr. S. Bakshi Mrs. S. Bansal
Ms Shilpi Seth
22-03-17 Training Programme for Nodal Teachers W.R.T Dengue, Malaria and other Vector borne diseases ‘On capacity building of different stakeholders 1 Mr. Sharma Mrs. Saba Rizvi
02-08-17 Teacher Orientation Workshop on Green Schools 1 Ms. Ranjita Banerjee Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
Ms. Ritika
20-02-17 Workshop for Computer Teachers on Cyber Safety Awareness 1 Mr. Hassan Ms. Aarti Bhandari
22-07-17 Accountancy Workshop Organised by Arya Publication 1 Prof D.K. Goel Mrs. Yashica
02-02-17 National Deworming Workshop 1 Mrs. Rajni Mrs. Rikhita
22-07-17 Accountancy Workshop on Changes in Syallabus. GST Changes in Partnership Accounts By Sultan Chand & Suns 1 CA DR. G.S. Grewal
Mr R.K Khosla
Mrs. Shruti Khurana
Capacity Building  For Classroom Management by CBSE 2 Ms. Rupam Sah ( QEA)
Ms. Geetanjali (Phychologist)
Mrs. Ruchi Gupta
21,22-07-2017 Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics – Class X by CBSE 2 Mr. Shahid Karim Qureshi
(Education Advisory Board) HP
Dr. Anita Sharma , Principal,
SD Public School
Mr. C.P
Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics For Class X by CBSE 2 MR. Pawan Kumar Bali
Mrs. Ishita Mukherjee
Mrs. Anjali Nayyar
17-07-17 Role of Schools in Advancing Global Profile of Sanskrit At 2:45 PM 1 Mr. Paul Palmarozza
Ms. Helan Blorper
Mrs. Shruti Khurana
Ms. Shilpi Seth
23,24-12-2016 Capacity Building Programme on Science Class X by CBSE 2 Mr. Mishra Mrs. Seema Singhal
18,19-05-2017 CBSE Gurugram Gurugram ‘Training of Perspective
Resource Persons in Science -X
2 Mr. Mishra (Principal
Nutan Vidya Mandir)
Mrs. Sarita Singhal
14-12-16 Extra Marks Workshop (Maths, Science VI-VIII) 1 Mr. Mohit Arora Mrs. Alka Mehta,Mrs. Agnihotri , Mrs. S. Chawla
Mrs. R.Seth, Mrs. Bharti
Mrs. Geetanjali,Mrs. Preeti Sharma, Ms. Ritika
15-05-17 Improving learning Outcomes 1 Mr. Lalit Chopra Ms. Sidra,Mrs. Agnihotri , Mrs. S. Chawla
Mrs. R.Seth, Mrs. Bharti
Mrs. Geetanjali,Mrs. Neha Kwatra, Ms. Ritika,Mrs Alka Mehta,Mrs Rashmi Seth,Mrs Anjali,
8,9-11-2016 Capacity Building Programme on Social Seience Class X by CBSE 2 Mr. Madan Sawhney
Mr. Santosh Vyas
Mrs. Shikha Gupta
05-05-17  “Sustainability: Green to grey Matter”. 1 Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad ji Ms.Shakuntala Mittal,
Ms Simmi Bakshi ,
Ms Bharti Bhatia.