Teachers Training

Workshop  for Teachers 
Date Topic No. of
Resource Person Attended by
14,15-03-2019 CBSE Capacity Building Programme for English Class XII 2 Mrs. Jai Chiller
22-02-19 ICTRC
In the Topic Managing Behaviour Problame in Adolesconts ”New Challenges”
1 Mr. Ravindra Mrs. Rikhita Khurana
03-02-19 Pulse Polio immunisation Programme 1
01-02-19 Microsoft Workshop Computer Se Karo, Computer Se Badho 1 Mr. Dhruv IX,XI Students and Teachers Ms. Aarti
18-12-18 Orange Education Pvt. Ltd. Mind Map learning Teachniques and  Audio  Visual  by Stem Olympiad 1 Mr. Sandeep Khosla Mrs. Sunita Agnihotri
Mrs Sandhya Chawla
18-12-18 Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. Special Meeting of Scholastic, Reading Ambasadors (Information Session) 1 Ms. Premindar Langer Mrs. Poonam Kapoor
05-12-18 Awareness & Training Programme on waste Mgt. with Bulk Waste Generator 1 Mr. Vinit Sharma + Cleaning Staff
Bharti Bhatia, Ritika,
Namrata , Rikhita
01-12-18 Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. Invitation for workshop on latest techniques and teaching methods on ”Early Childhood Learning” 1 Ms. Satinder Kaur Mrs. Manu Sharma
01-12-18 Empowering Maths Learing by Ratna Sagar Pvt. Ltd 1 Ms. Aditi Singhal Mrs. Shalu Walia
CBSE, Capacity Building Program in Accountancy 2 Mr. Gaurav Paliya Mrs. Yashika Gupta
30-11-18 Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Art Camp on the theme ”Empowering Persons with Disabilities and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality” 1 Ms. Poonam Danda Mr. Amit Dutt
30-11-18 Oxford University Press Train to Transform Workshop on
We are the world sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S)
Ms. Anahita Lee Ms. Tanya Sareen
28-11-18 Training of Fire and Disaster Safety 1 Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma Teachers Teaching Class IX – XII
27-11-18 Training of Fire and Disaster Safety 1 Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma Teachers Teaching Class VI-VIII
26-11-18 Training of Fire and Disaster Safety 1 Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma Teachers Teaching Class I-V
26-11-18 Training of Fire and Disaster Safety 1 Mr. Ashok Sharma, Fire Safety  Incharge at AIIMS Mrs. Shruti
MRs. Sangeeta Sharma
Mrs. Ruchi
Mrs. Renu
Mr. Kamal
Mr. Ashok
Mrs. Kamaljit Kaur
Mrs. Tanu Gupta
Mrs. Manu Sharma
Mrs. Dikshit
Mrs. Devender
Mrs. Sudha Jain
Mr. Vinod
Mr. Narender
Mr. H.P Singh
Mr. Amit
Mrs. Rashimi Seth
Mr. Vineet
Class IV Employes
26-11-18 MR Training data collection Zone VII Pramod Kumar DDE Zone VII Mrs. Ruchika
24-11-18 Awakened Citizen Programme Refresher Training for Trained Teachers 1 Swami Shantat Nanda
Secretary , P.K. Mission
Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
19-11-18 The times NIE Teacher’s Knowledge meet 2018
Interachive Session with experts on issues related to the ”Role of Educators in Modern Era”
1 Mr. Anmol Arora (MD Shemrock)
Ms. Poonam Singh (Asstt. Editor)
Mrs. Rashmi Seth
17-11-18 Comprehensive data collection Zone-VII Pramod Kumar DDE Zone VII Mrs. Ruchika
16 to 26-
SCERT Workshop on Elimination of Corporal Punishment in Schools Online Ms. Seema Singhal
Ms. Sidra
Ms. Ritika
Ms. S. Chawla
Ms. S. Dhar
Ms. Veena
Ms. K. Goel
Ms. Monica Pahwa
16,17-11-2018 CBSE Capicity Building Program on English Class XII 2 ITL Coordinator Mrs. Shilpa Lamba
25,26-10-2018 Maths X CBSE ‘Capacity Building Programme ‘ 2 Mr. Neeraj Saxena
Mr. Kartikey Bhardwaj
Mrs. Rashmi Sharma
25-10-18 Python Workshop XI, XII 1 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Ms. Aarti Bhandari
23,24-10-2018 CBSE ‘Capacity Building Programme’ History XII 2 Ms. Rashmi Dash Mrs. Manju Sharma
16-10-18 SCERT organizd a workshop on Capacity building program on Elimination of Corporal Punishment in Schools 1 Ms. Sunita Kaushik Director
Mrs. Sushma Khurana
27-09-18 Hindi Workshop organised by Madhuban educational Books 1 Ms. Bharti Anand Mrs. Mittal
27-09-18 Physical Education Teacher Workshop 1 Mr. V.K. Sharma Mr. Kamal
Mrs. Kamaljeet
19-09-18 Launch of School Road Safety Awareness Compaign 2018-19 1 Shri. Amulya Patnaik
Commissioner of Police
Dr. Erish Sehgal (DCP Traffic)
Mr. Rajender Dutt Parashar
14-09-18 Hindi Diwas Function organised by Madhuban Education Books f’k{kd lEeku 1 Dr. Pradeep Jain
Shri. Leeladhar Mandloi
Mrs. Mittal
Mrs. S. Bansal
25-08-18 Madhuban Educational Books organises Hindi Language teaching Workshop ‘Latest developments in the research in language education’ 1 Mrs. Rama Gupta
Mrs. Bhart Anand
Mrs. Preeti Gupta
Mrs. Kavita Sharma
18-08-18 Art Teacher Meet-2018 Conducted by DOMS India Ltd. 10 AM to 1:30 PM 1 Ms. Kiran Malhotra Mr. Amit Dutt
13,14-08-2018 CBSE Capacity Building (Workshop) Programme for
Political Science Class XII
1 Mr. Santosh Vyas Mrs. Shikha Gupta
08-08-18 Capacity Building Programme on (SCERT) ‘Substance Abuse’ 1 Dr. Dhawan
Dr. Rakesh
Mrs. Rikhita
02-08-18 Work shop on Road Safety Transport Incharge Coordinators 1 Mr. Sunil Chinkara
Mr. Chandran
Mr. Vikram Singh Rathore
Mr. Khatri
28-07-18 World Environment Day on Beat Plastic Pollythene Rising India Shining India Yamuna -Elixir lfie (Save Yamuna Project) 1 Visit Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
Mr. Ritika
25-07-18 School Raoad Safety Awareners Compaign 2018-19 1 Mr. Rahul From CSIR Mr. Narender Kumar
13-07-18 CBSE Capacity building programme on RAS Class X organisedby CBSE centre of excellence 1 Ms. Ranjana Grover Mr. C.P
07-07-18 Professional enrichment programme on recent changes in accountancy (organized by Sultan Chand & Sons) 1 Dr. G.S. Grewal
Mr. R.K. Khosla
Mrs. Yashika
30-06-18 School Safety and Security 1 Mrs. Kavita Goel New Appointed Teachers
30-06-18 5 Acts (JJ Act, POCSO Act, RTE, CLPRA, LCPS) 1 Mrs. Shikha
Mrs. Rikhita
All LVM Teachers
30-06-18 Extramarks (Mathematics Workshop) 1 Mathematics Teachers
27-06-18 Python Workshop 1 Mr. Mukesh Mr. Damanjeet Kaur
Ms. Aarti Bhandari
19,20-05-2018 Python Wokshop on objectives of education ministry on the curriculum . The technology infrastructure and how leadership and policy facilitate attaining edutional goals In Association with D.U 2 Prof. Naveen Kumar
Mr. Naveen Gupta
Mr. Damanjeet Kaur
Ms. Aarti Bhandari
10,11-05-2018 Workshop on conduction of Youth Parliament in Schools 2 Mr. Rajan from Ministry of
Patliamentary affars
Mrs Veena Taneja
Mr. H.P Singh
04-05-18 Forum of Public Schools Invitation for annual conference 2018 Main Theme Transforming India: Inspire, Innovate, Intergrate 1 Dr. G.C Tripathi, Academic B.L
Inotitute of Director Indology
Mr. Yuri Afanaseiv VN Resident
Coordinator and UNDP Resident
Representative in India
Ms. Aarti
Mrs. Ruchi
Mrs. Sandhya Bansal
24-04-18 Road safety week participation by Action committee,
Unaided recognised Private Schools (Regd.) For sensitizing the schools on road safety practices for children as well as their school buses.
1 Mr.  Abhay Damle Jr. Secretary
Ministry of Road Transport and
highway Court of India
Mr. Rajender
Mr. B.S. Khatri
27,28-03-2018 The Awakened Citizen programm  classes 6/7 Teachers Training Workshop 2 Ms. Swapna Chaterjee Mrs. Preeti Sharma (Librarian)
Mrs. Preeti Sharma ( Maths)
17-02-18 Delhi Traffic Police : Interaction Session fro Road Safety Coordinator at 9:00 A.M.Seminar Hall IIT Hauzkhas 1 Mr. Depender Pathak Special
commissioner and Police (Traffic)
Mr. Rajender
10-01-18 Marters Trainers Workshop for school Development orgainised by Expressions India Moolchand Medicity 1 Jitendra Nagpal Mrs. Rikhita
22-12-17 1st National Summit on Child safety, protection and mental health in schools, at moolchand medicity, orgainised by expressions India Moolchan Medicity 1 Dr. Pooja Jatley Mrs. Rikhita
21-12-17 NIE Principals Meet (Seminar Giving education a new dimenaiser  Kingdom of Dreams Gurugram 1 Dr. Gupta Mrs. Sarita Singhal
16-12-17 Macmillan (Hup,Ship and Jump) Queen Mary’s School Rohini 1 Mrs. Jaishree Sethi Mrs. Rachna
Mrs. Nidhi
16-12-17 Action Committee Unaided Recognized Private Schools,India Annual Conference at 9:00 A.M. on ‘Automony and Quaility Synonymons’, India Habitat Centre, lodhi Road. 1 Prof (Dr.) Vikram Dutt
Educationist and Corporate
Executive .
Mrs. Sushma Khurana
Mrs. Nandini
Mrs. Kavita Goel
Teacher’s Training Workshop on ‘Handling Gifted Children in classroom’ Cluster Innovation Centre University of Delhi 3-6 PM 3 Dr. Jyoti Sharma Ms. Aarti
Ms. Sidra
Mrs. Manu Sharma
Ms. Dikshit Kaur
18-11-17 Mind Mingle Inspirational Wrokshop to boost the educator in every teacher and holistic teaching and learning Eros Hotel new Delhi. 1 S. Gopalan Amy Shelfield Mrs. Shilpa Lamba
26-10-17 Physics show by IAPT 1 Prof. Anant Krishana Murty Mrs. Manisha Sharma
Mrs. Seema Singhal
25-10-17 Physics Workshop Basic Concepts in Physics – Theory and Practical 1 Prof. Vijay Singh
Prof. Ravi Bhattcharjee
Mrs. Manisha Sharma
23-09-17 Action Committee Unaided Recognized Private Schools, Workshop on ‘Safe Schools’ 1 Brig. B.K Khanna
Dr. S.K. Bhattacharya
Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma
15-09-17 School Road Safety Awareness Campaign 2017-18 at 9:30 Hrs. Organized by Delhi Traffic Police 1 Mr. Amulya Patnaik
(Commissioner of Police)
Mr. Rajinder Dutt
07-09-17 Capacity Building Programme on Remodelled Assessment Structure Class X by CBSE 1 Mrs. Shweta Singh
Mr A.H. Ahmed
Mrs. Shruti Khurana
01-09-17 Training Programme for Creating Awareness for Prevention and control of Dengue, Chikunguniya, Malaria and Swine Flu 1 Mr. Arvind Kejriwal CM
Mr. Manish Sisodia Dep-CM
Mr. Ashok
Mrs Renu
25,26-08-2017 Capacity Building Programme in Business Studies Class XII by CBSE 2 Mrs. Sanjukta Mukerji
Mrs Shivani
Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma
20-04-17  ‘Guidance based School Education The Emerging Concept’ By ICTRC 1 Dr. V. S. Ravindran Mrs. Rikhita
Mrs. Saba Rizvi
22-08-17 Teacher Capacity Workshop ‘Karo Sambhav School Programme in association with ‘Karo Sambhav’ an e-waste Producer Responsibility org for managing e-waste 1 Mrs. Swati Ganguly Mrs. Charu Adlakha
Mrs. Kavita Goel
18,19-04-2017 CBSE Capacity Building Programme on ‘Inclusion and Inclusive Stategy’ by CBSE 2 Ms. Usha Anand
Ms. Geetanjali Kumar
Ms. Sidra Ahmed
17,18-08-2017 Capacity Building Programme for Prospective resource persons in Accountancy Class XII  by CBSE 2 Mr. Sherawat
Mr. Gourav
Mrs. Shruti Khurana
24,25-03-2017 The Awakaned Citizen programme Training Workshop for Year. 2 Mrs. Pooja Chakarvorty Mrs. Rashmi Seth
Ms. Ritika
05-08-17 Language Symposium for Celebrating the contribution and role of the language teacher 1 Mr. S. Bakshi Mrs. S. Bansal
Ms Shilpi Seth
22-03-17 Training Programme for Nodal Teachers W.R.T Dengue, Malaria and other Vector borne diseases ‘On capacity building of different stakeholders 1 Mr. Sharma Mrs. Saba Rizvi
02-08-17 Teacher Orientation Workshop on Green Schools 1 Ms. Ranjita Banerjee Mrs. Bharti Bhatia
Ms. Ritika
20-02-17 Workshop for Computer Teachers on Cyber Safety Awareness 1 Mr. Hassan Ms. Aarti Bhandari
22-07-17 Accountancy Workshop Organised by Arya Publication 1 Prof D.K. Goel Mrs. Yashica
02-02-17 National Deworming Workshop 1 Mrs. Rajni Mrs. Rikhita
22-07-17 Accountancy Workshop on Changes in Syallabus. GST Changes in Partnership Accounts By Sultan Chand & Suns 1 CA DR. G.S. Grewal
Mr R.K Khosla
Mrs. Shruti Khurana
Capacity Building  For Classroom Management by CBSE 2 Ms. Rupam Sah ( QEA)
Ms. Geetanjali (Phychologist)
Mrs. Ruchi Gupta
21,22-07-2017 Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics – Class X by CBSE 2 Mr. Shahid Karim Qureshi
(Education Advisory Board) HP
Dr. Anita Sharma , Principal,
SD Public School
Mr. C.P
Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics For Class X by CBSE 2 MR. Pawan Kumar Bali
Mrs. Ishita Mukherjee
Mrs. Anjali Nayyar
17-07-17 Role of Schools in Advancing Global Profile of Sanskrit At 2:45 PM 1 Mr. Paul Palmarozza
Ms. Helan Blorper
Mrs. Shruti Khurana
Ms. Shilpi Seth
23,24-12-2016 Capacity Building Programme on Science Class X by CBSE 2 Mr. Mishra Mrs. Seema Singhal
18,19-05-2017 CBSE Gurugram Gurugram ‘Training of Perspective
Resource Persons in Science -X
2 Mr. Mishra (Principal
Nutan Vidya Mandir)
Mrs. Sarita Singhal
14-12-16 Extra Marks Workshop (Maths, Science VI-VIII) 1 Mr. Mohit Arora Mrs. Alka Mehta,Mrs. Agnihotri , Mrs. S. Chawla
Mrs. R.Seth, Mrs. Bharti
Mrs. Geetanjali,Mrs. Preeti Sharma, Ms. Ritika
15-05-17 Improving learning Outcomes 1 Mr. Lalit Chopra Ms. Sidra,Mrs. Agnihotri , Mrs. S. Chawla
Mrs. R.Seth, Mrs. Bharti
Mrs. Geetanjali,Mrs. Neha Kwatra, Ms. Ritika,Mrs Alka Mehta,Mrs Rashmi Seth,Mrs Anjali,
8,9-11-2016 Capacity Building Programme on Social Seience Class X by CBSE 2 Mr. Madan Sawhney
Mr. Santosh Vyas
Mrs. Shikha Gupta
05-05-17  “Sustainability: Green to grey Matter”. 1 Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad ji Ms.Shakuntala Mittal,
Ms Simmi Bakshi ,
Ms Bharti Bhatia.